Individual Consultations

Individual consultations are designed to spend time working with you, the client, to identify your specific dietary, lifestyle and nutritional needs and goals and to assist you in achieving these through development of personalized plans and advice, useful nutrition tools and materials and lifestyle and behaviour changes.

Virtual consultations are available for people who cannot come into the practice.

 I provide nutrition advice and eating plans for a range of ages and health conditions, including, but not limited to:

  • Gastro-intestinal conditions/gut health (Irritable bowel syndrome, Chron’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Coeliac Disease, reflux, constipation etc.)
  • Cancer (pre, post and during treatment)
  • Weight management (weight loss and weight gain)
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Insulin resistance
  • Diabetes
  • Raised cholesterol and heart disease
  • Hypertension
  • Gout
  • Arthritis
  • Food Allergies and Intolerances
  • Eating disorders
  • General health, wellness and improved energy levels
  • Vegetarian eating
  • Liver and kidney disease
  • Gene based testing and interpretation of results

First Consultation: 1 hour

This is an interactive consultation which allows me to gather sufficient information to provide you with individualised nutrition advice and develop a personalised plan for you.  During this appointment I will complete a thorough nutrition assessment with you, establish key nutritional concerns, answer any of your nutrition related questions, provide you with relevant nutrition education and give you some information to get started with. For face to face consults, an In Body assessment and measurements are done.

Second Consultation: 40-45 minutes

During this appointment I will provide you with you your personalized eating plan and guidelines and explain in detail how it works and how it can be applied to day to day living.  Suitable recipes and further education will also be provided.

Follow Up Appointments: 20-30 minutes

Follow up appointments allow for monitoring and evaluation of dietary changes and progress. Follow up’s are designed to identify successful and positive changes, address areas of concern, confusion or difficulty and provide tips on how to manage these, make necessary dietary adaptions, improve your nutrition knowledge to assist you in achieving your desired results and motivate you to keep on going. Lifestyle and behaviour changes are addressed and practical information on label reading, eating out and managing social functions, creating quick and tasty meals and more are provided.

Research has shown that people who attend regular follow-up sessions are more successful in weight and health management than those who do not and many people find that checking in regularly keeps them accountable and motivates them to be more consistent.  The frequency of your follow up consultations is variable depending on your needs.

For face to face consults, an In Body assessment and measurements are done at each consult.

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Vitality Nutrition Consults: 30 minutes

Discovery Vitality Members can 1000 Vitality Points once off for any consultation with a dietitian registered with the HPCSA, that is 30 minutes or longer in duration.  Should you not wish to do a full consult, but would still like to get individualised advice and answers to your nutrition related questions, I offer a shorter 30 minute consult for this purpose. During this assessment, I will work with you to set specific and achievable goals to help you to improve your health.  Measurements of your weight, height and waist circumference will also be taken.  Please note that this shorter consult does not include a meal plan. In order to get an individualised plan, you need to book the full 60-minute appointment and follow up.

Gene-Based Testing

Nutrition, health and wellness personalised for you, based on your genes.

Stop using your genes as excuse as to why you can’t achieve your diet, health and wellness goals and start using them as a means to understand your body and empower yourself with knowledge to be able to personalise your approach and make significant, beneficial and more precise dietary and lifestyle changes.

We all have a unique genetic make-up which makes us all different. Certain genetic variations that each of us has makes us more susceptible to undesirable environmental and lifestyle factors, which impact on weight and risk of certain medical conditions, while others pre-determine our potential. 

Through testing your genes, we can help you to identify and understand these factors and use them to personalise your diet and lifestyle recommendations, putting you on the right path from the beginning and eliminating much of the guess work and ‘trial and error’ approaches that comes with generic approaches.

This allows for the provision of personalised, more precise recommendations for weight management, preventative health care, nutrient intake and recommended supplementation, amount and types of exercise, maximising your sporting potential as well as better understanding of your risk for neurodegenerative and mood disorders, addictive behaviour and more.

I have been trained and equipped with the scientific knowledge to translate your DNA test results into practical nutritional and lifestyle solutions to individualise treatment, dietary interventions and meal plans.  

You can order a range of genetics tests through me, or if you have already done your test I can assist with interpretation and feedback of results.  Contact me for more information.



I have recent and ongoing experience in doing Medico-Legal assessments on an ad hoc basis. I am able to assist with doing a full nutritional assessment on the client, reviewing relevant information (such as hospital records and reports from other experts) and writing a detailed, concise report.


Corporate Offerings & Media

Corporate wellness is a growing field providing employers with so many possibilities to improve employees’ health and wellness. Healthy employees have been found to have fewer sick days and be more productive at work. 

I offer the following services to help educate and empower employees with the knowledge and skills needed to make the necessary changes to their diet and lifestyle in order to reduce the incidence of disease and optimise health and performance. 

Wellness days

Corporate wellness days create the perfect setting for interactive nutrition stands, where employees receive basic advice and nutritional information from a registered dietitian. Different options are available, and can be tailored to suit the company requirements. Certain health risk assessment tests, such as body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference can be completed and discussed at wellness day stands.

Nutrition Education Presentations

I provide nutrition, wellness and motivational talks that can be hosted on site at the company premises.  A variety of topics can be covered and tailored to the company’s individual requirements.

Group weight Loss Programs

I offer 6, 8 and 12-week group weight loss program for groups of 3-10 people. Sessions take place weekly or every 2 weeks, depending on the program. Clients will be provided with a meal plan and tasty, nutritious recipes along with nutrition education and skills development to achieve healthy and sustainable weight loss. Groups are run on demand and starting dates are negotiable.

In House Catering/ Canteen menu evaluation

The reliance on convenience meals and the frequency of meals eaten away from home is increasing rapidly.  I can assess current menus and work with the canteen to develop healthier options.  I can also provide recommendations for suitable snacks/meals to provide during meetings and events and suggestions on what to stock in vending machines.

Recipe Development and Analysis 

I can assist with evaluating existing menus as well as developing and analyzing recipes and menus for canteens, healthcare facilities, restaurants, schools, airlines, hospitals and food manufacturers.  I can further provide advice and guidance to improve the nutritional quality of meals provided.

Vitality Days

I can assist in arranging a dietitian, biokineticist and nurse to come on site to carry out Vitality Assessments for Discovery members.

Media Consulting 

I have experience in doing TV and radio interviews, writing content and articles for various magazines, newspapers and publications and assisting with development of nutrition related materials.

Fit4Two: Nutrition

Fit4Two is a specialised Pre- and Post-natal exercise programme developed by qualified Biokineticists Gill Scheepers and Kayla Forbes. This programme is unique as it has been designed using scientific and medical principles.

While the bio’s have the exercise component covered, I can assist mom’s and mom’s to be with the nutrition component, assisting you with both pre and post-natal nutrition to ensure that you are keeping healthy and nourishing both yourself and your baby during this period.

Nutrition packages, offered to those attending or who have attended Fit4Two classes, include:

  • An initial assessment with discussion on recommended healthy weight gain during pregnancy/breastfeeding, presence of any medical conditions and nutritional guidelines linked to this.
  • Education on healthy eating during pregnancy/breastfeeding, energy and nutrient requirements, foods to avoid and foods to increase intake of and recommended supplementation.
  • Provision of a personalised eating plan with healthy recipes and a recommended shopping list
  • Guidelines and discussion on dietary management of pregnancy related conditions such as nausea, constipation, managing food cravings and taste changes, managing energy levels and more.
  • Consults will be tailored towards the individual and guidelines and advice given accordingly.

Sessions are done on a one-on-one basis, however I also offer group talks and workshops.

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